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Nebraska Football: Iowa game should not be relegated to Big Ten Network

As many of you know, several start times and TV networks were announced for the 2021 Nebraska football season earlier this week. I have an issue with one of the games on the schedule. It’s not due to the matchup, it’s not due to the location, it’s due to the television network it is on.

Nebraska football and Iowa are scheduled to play each other the Friday after Thanksgiving at 1:30 PM ET. The game will be televised on the Big Ten Network. That right there is the problem that I have with this game. A Nebraska-Iowa matchup should not be on the Big Ten Network.

Last year, the game was televised on FOX. I thought that was awesome, because it gave a national audience a chance to see Nebraska and Iowa, which is one of the greatest historical rivalries in college football. For the record, that was one of two games on FOX that Nebraska football had last year. The other was the opener against Ohio State.

I’m hoping that the Nebraska-Iowa game for next year is moved back to FOX and not the Big Ten Network. That will give more fans a chance to see the game. Not everybody has the Big Ten network. Let’s face it, living here in the Northeast, I am lucky that my television package allows me to have the channel. It’s been really convenient, especially as I have written about Nebraska over the past couple of seasons.

Accessibility is the key here and many Nebraska football fans around the country don’t even know what channel the Big Ten network is on if they have it.

Hopefully this is a case where this game can be flexed to another channel towards the end of the season. Especially if both Nebraska football and Iowa do well in the upcoming season, this game could certainly be moved to another channel. I’m hoping that is the case.

As it stands right now, I don’t believe that they should be relegated to the Big Ten Network. The day after Thanksgiving is all about rivalries, and Nebraska-Iowa is certainly a big one. Sure, it may not have the pageantry it has had in other years, but it is a rivalry nonetheless. The whole country wants to see rivalries the day after Thanksgiving. It is a tradition.

With that in mind, let them see it. It could turn out to be a good game after all. The last couple of matchups between Nebraska and Iowa are a testament to that.

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