Nebraska Basketball

Nebraska Basketball: Auburn game should provide good early test

Another Nebraska basketball game has been announced. The Huskers will take on Auburn on December 11 at State Farm Arena as part of the Holiday Hoopsgiving event. This was officially confirmed on Wednesday.

The game is one of four, with the other matchups being LSU-Georgia Tech, Clemson-Drake, and Ole Miss-Western Kentucky.

I really like this scheduling for Nebraska basketball. In all the games that they have announced ,their opponents are competitive, tough basketball teams. This will give them a good test to see where they’re at before conference play begins. We all know how much of a gauntlet the Big Ten conference is in basketball. Nebraska basketball missed a lot of those matchups due to coronavirus protocols last year. That probably won’t be the case this year.

Auburn is a program that is certainly capable of putting together strong seasons. They struggled last season going 13-14, but went 25-6 in 2019-20 before the coronavirus pandemic. With players like KD Johnson and Walker Kessler on the roster, the Tigers certainly made a concerted effort to better their team.

With that in mind, so too did Nebraska basketball. They are bringing in new names on the roster, mixed with veterans and freshmen who should be able to provide a benchmark for this program for years to come.

Basically what I’m gathering from this is that this is not going to be some sort of fluff tournament that will guarantee Nebraska basketball easy wins. Nebraska will be challenged, and that’s the way it should be. Some of you may be thinking that they’ve had plenty of challenges over the past couple of seasons. You are certainly correct, but they need to face some sort of challenge before conference play.

All of these game announcements are getting me excited for the upcoming Nebraska basketball season. This team should be a lot better than they were last year, and be able to contend with some of the programs in the conference. This is a big year for the program as a whole, and Nebraska basketball should definitely be ready to succeed . There’s no excuses for them this year. This team should be able to compete.

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