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Nebraska Football: Samori Toure praises program work ethic

Nebraska Football is entering a crucial season in 2021. In my estimation, this is a year in which they need to succeed. So far, it sounds like they are making the proper steps to try and do so.

New wide receiver Samori Toure has been impressed with the work ethic of his teammates. As he indicated, this is been a very productive summer.

In terms of just skills and player potential, the anticipation for this season is running high. It seems like these players know that. To me, this group seems more focused and ready to put in the work, perhaps more so than any of the other Nebraska football teams I have covered in the past two seasons.

Perhaps that has to do with the fact that there are so many veteran players on both sides of the football. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that Nebraska football players and coaches alike know how big this season is. In any event, this group seems focused and ready to go. After a difficult season in many aspects in 2020, it must be nice to have some sense of normalcy.

Toure certainly notices the difference in energy. This is certainly a good thing, considering he is going to be a veteran tasked with keeping a high energy in the wide receivers room. Perhaps even more than energy, he indicated last week that the wide receivers are putting in the work.

“I think we definitely did springboard from spring ball straight into summer conditioning,” Toure said. “From what I’ve been hearing, this was one of the best summers that we’ve had here in a long time. I think specifically the receiver group has made a lot of strides since spring ball. We’ve been pushing each other all summer and demanding more out of each other, and I think it’s going to show during the season. …

“We’re going to lift and do conditioning every day, but outside of that, you’re mainly working on footwork and catching footballs. We’ve been on the Jugs (machine) all summer, just catching up to 1,000 balls a day some of us. A lot of cone drills and a lot of Jugs.”

Yes, I know there is hype every summer. We always hear the stories about this team being more prepared than the summer before. However, I’ll be honest here. I believe what Toure is saying. This group wants to win, and they know the clock is ticking in terms of fan patience and expectations.

Around these parts, those things go together like peanut butter and jelly.

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