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Nebraska Football: Gabe Ervin has chance to play big role in 2021

Nebraska football head coach Scott Frost spoke to the media on Friday. He offered some insight into how things are looking in the program. One of the things he mentioned that really caught my interest was the progress of running back Gabe Ervin.

You heard me talk earlier in the week about how the coaching staff seems really pleased with his progress. He has been on an upward trajectory of sorts ever since the start of spring ball. It appears that trajectory has not stopped. That is a very good thing.

Beyond Markese Stepp, there is not a lot of certainty at the running back position. Nebraska football certainly has depth there, there is no question about that. However, the in-game experience beyond the starting running back is lacking. As a result, the emergence of Ervin is an extra pleasant surprise.

As Frost noted to the media on Friday, Ervin could have a chance to play a big role this season. Generally speaking, it’s not too common for freshmen  to get a ton of playing time in their first season. The fact that Frost is even entertaining the thought for Ervin says a lot about the running back’s skill and his progression over the past couple of months.

In speaking to the media, Frost did not offer any certainties about playing time for the running back. He did however say that Ervin has made enough progress to where he could contribute in three weeks. For Frost, the running back’s maturity was particularly noticeable.

 Is Gabe Ervin ready to contribute in three weeks? “Yeah, I think Gabe’s ready. The one thing I would say about him is he came in as an adult. He was very mature in his approach to everything when he came in. That’s usually the telltale mark of if they’re going to be ready to play early on. He’s done a good job learning it, he competes, and he’ll definitely be in the mix at that spot.”

Chalk the recruitment of Ervin as a win for running backs coach Ryan Held. It seems the running back is well on his way to making an impression on the coaching staff as well as producing on the field.

I’ll be intrigued to see exactly what his role is on the field. He certainly has the physicality and skillset to be a productive running back. Now, it’s only a matter of time before we see why the coaches think so highly of him.

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