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Nebraska Football: Isaac Gifford finding his role for now, and in future

COLUMBUS, OHIO - OCTOBER 6, 2012: A football helmet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers sits on the field before a game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Nebraska Cornhuskers at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio State Buckeyes won 63-38. (Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

As Nebraska football continues with their training camp, roles are beginning to become clearer as the days  wear on. For linebacker Isaac Gifford, he holds a role that might have many benefits right now and down the line.

As noted in a report by Brian Christopherson of 247Sports on Monday, he  is slated to play behind JoJo Domann. Now on one hand, you may think that this is a bad thing. After all, Gifford probably won’t get much playing time  due to Domann’s skill. As Christopherson notes, Gifford has been working at the nickel position, and may have a bigger role on special teams.

At least for this year, special teams is  probably going to be his calling card. That is not a bad thing. After  all, the special-teams unit has been the subject of great discussion around Nebraska football for a number of years now. The discussion has and quite polarizing. It seems like many areas of the special teams unit need a lot of work.

Either way, it sounds like Gifford should be able to play a large part in that.

Playing behind Domann, Gifford could potentially learn quite a bit. Just look at the body of work that Domann has put together over the last couple of seasons. It is quite impressive. 136 tackles in four years at Nebraska is not too shabby. When you consider that he has had 110 tackles in the last two years, that’s even more impressive. Gifford could certainly learn a lot at the position down the road.

Right now, Gifford appears to be a key piece on special teams as noted by Christopherson.

Freshman Isaac Gifford said he has been working primarily at nickel behind JoJo Domann in fall camp. Gifford will also be a huge part of Nebraska’s special teams units this year. He said with Domann likely not leaving the field on defense, it was important for him to be involved deeply on special teams.

It seems like Gifford has been able to find his niche during camp. I have a feeling we will see quite a bit of him this year. Once Domann leaves, I have a feeling we’ll see even more of him down the road. Right now, he is biding his time.  He is in a good spot. He is finding a role right now, while preparing for the future.

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