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Nebraska Football: Latest allegations feel like nitpicking on part of NCAA

COLUMBUS, OHIO - OCTOBER 6, 2012: A football helmet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers sits on the field before a game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Nebraska Cornhuskers at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio State Buckeyes won 63-38. (Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

In light of the bombshell allegations placed upon the Nebraska football program, I will offer my two cents. For those who are not familiar with what is going on, Nebraska and Scott Frost are under NCAA investigation for improper use of analysts. In addition, they also held off-campus workouts during the pandemic, which reportedly violate NCAA rules. The workouts are not the primary focus of the investigation.

According to a report by Brett McMurphy of, head coach Scott Frost has legal counsel and the NCAA has interviewed the coach as well as current and former staff members and players.

Let me just say that I feel that these allegations are more nitpicking on the part of the NCAA. I have never heard of improper use of analysts. It is not known if they are related, but as all of you know Nebraska football has parted ways with analyst Jonathan Rutledge and chief of staff Gerrod Lambrecht. Whether those two had something to do with anything, I do not know, nor will I speculate.

These seem fishy to me

In any event, I feel like this is more nitpicking on the part of the NCAA. The improper use of analysts is the part that I am most confused about. The fact that there were restrictions on analysts to begin with is interesting. What exactly is improper? Holding off-campus workouts, that I can certainly see as being a violation. The NCAA is very strict with how those are run, and the fact that the coaching staff was in touch with the players during those is a violation.

With that being said, Nebraska football should not have drastic penalties placed on them. If anything, I suspect a fine and maybe suspending Frost for a game or two is what is going to happen. Nevertheless, this is more nitpicking on the part of the NCAA. They pretend like they have moral high ground, and want everything to be fair. They pick and choose what they view as important matters, while letting others skate by.

This to me seems like more NCAA hypocrisy. It seems like they are making something out of nothing. With 10 days until the season opener, this is becoming a bigger storyline than the actual game against Illinois itself. While other programs have managed to skate by for much more serious issues, Nebraska is probably going to be viewed in a poor light nationally.  Then again, what else is new? I’ll be interested to see what happens with this over the next couple of days. Right now, this just feels like nitpicking to me.

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