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Nebraska Football: We are seeing offensive line growth in real-time

Much was made of the Nebraska football offensive line early in the game against Fordham on Saturday. They didn’t start off too hot, and it looked like they struggled a little bit. They looked overmatched

Keep in mind that Nebraska football is starting two redshirt freshman, a freshman, and a sophomore on the line. Early in the game, that was evident on Saturday. It looked like they were struggling a little bit in the first half.

However, they seem to get better as the game wore on. They made clean blocks for the running backs, and opened up big holes. The passing protection seem to get better as well. Against a team like Fordham, they can probably start off slow. When Nebraska football takes on Buffalo Saturday, a slow start could be dangerous.

Acknowledging a slow start on the line, Greg Austin indicated that line itself needs to start faster.

“Some of that is we have to start faster,” Austin said. “The other part is, you have to get to the sideline and kind of make the necessary adjustments that you need to make to get everyone on the same page — whether it’s the offensive line, the offensive line and running backs, the tight ends and everybody else connected to what we were trying to get accomplished.”

I would agree with starting faster for sure. However, I was impressed to see that they were able to make adjustments. This coaching staff is not necessarily known for making adjustments at important times. The line made adjustments on Saturday and it was great to see. Again, youth certainly plays a factor with this line. However, they are going to have to learn on the fly.

I’ll be interested to see what they do against Buffalo on Saturday. The Buffalo defensive line is certainly talented, and Nebraska is going to have their work cut out for them. As long as they can continue to learn from mistakes and develop, I will be happy. That sounds like a cookie-cutter answer, but we saw a little bit of regression last year. Now, this young line is going to have to prevent that from happening.

With how young this group is, growth is going to be really important. Development is going to be extremely important. Unfortunately with this group, they are making mistakes while games count, and then those mistakes are magnified.

However, that should put them in a much better position for the next couple of years moving forward. This group has potential, that much is clear.

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