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Nebraska Football: It’s time to see what the other quarterbacks can do

COLUMBUS, OHIO - OCTOBER 6, 2012: A football helmet for the Nebraska Cornhuskers sits on the field before a game between the Ohio State Buckeyes and Nebraska Cornhuskers at Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio. The Ohio State Buckeyes won 63-38. (Photo by David Dermer/Diamond Images/Getty Images)

It is time for the Adrian Martinez era to end. After Saturday’s loss against Purdue, the inconsistencies reared their ugly head once again.

With four interceptions on the day, Martinez struggled to get anything going offensively. Granted, the offensive line did not help matters and I get that. However, there is no doubt that Martinez was not at his best on Saturday. All in all, he went 14-of-29 on the day, throwing for 269 yards, two touchdowns, and two interceptions. He had moments of good play on Saturday, but for the most part it was a frustrating afternoon.

Martinez continues to make the same mistakes over and over again. They should have benched Martinez on Saturday just to see what Logan Smothers could bring to the table.  The fact that Frost kept  Martinez out there was a little bit confusing to say the least.

To me, the icing on the cake was the interception by Purdue’s Jalen Graham. On his second interception of the afternoon, he was able to record it via an underhanded throw by Martinez. It was not a smart play at all, and it summarized the performance for Nebraska football on Saturday.

Saturday’s game magnified the fact that despite being a veteran starter, Martinez is still making freshman-like mistakes. It’s frustrating to watch, and I can’t imagine it makes Martinez feel good as well.

If I were the coaching staff, I would certainly consider seeing what the other quarterbacks can do. Whether it be starting them or taking them off the bench, I feel like it’s time for that to happen. Frost has  already said that he is sticking with Martinez. It makes sense because he is still your starter after all. However, if Martinez keeps making mistakes like he did Saturday, it’s should be time to see what the other quarterbacks can do.

I understand that Scott Frost loves Adrian Martinez as a quarterback. However, he keeps making the same mistakes game in and game out. He is certainly a decent quarterback, , and I will even go as far as saying he is a good quarterback. However, he keeps making the same errors that prevent him from getting to the next level.

We have seen this movie play out time and  time again, and it’s frustrating. It is for this reason that I think the other quarterbacks should be more involved moving forward.

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