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Nebraska Football: Mickey Joseph making his vision crystal clear

It’s hard to deny the impact that Nebraska football passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach Mickey Joseph has had on the program already. Less than an month into his tenure, he has already helped Nebraska land an impact recruit. Earlier this week, he spoke with the media about some of his philosophies in regards to Nebraska, how he coaches, and why he decided to come back.

Brian Christopherson of 247Sports wrote an excellent piece on what Joseph had to say about all of this. Two specific quotes stood out to me as notable.

The first quote was when he talked about the state of Nebraska. Having played here, you can definitely tell he knows what football means to the state. In my opinion, it’s not a good idea to hire a coach based off of the coach being a former player. What matters is that he is a good coach. I’ll take a bold stance and say that Frost and Joseph both fit that bill. In speaking to the media, you could tell that Joseph knows how much weight football carries here.

“I tell them that everybody’s going to have facilities, everybody is going to have big stadiums, locker rooms. I sell the people in the building and I sell the people in the state of Nebraska,” Joseph said of his recruiting pitch now with the ‘N’ logo on his polo. “Because there’s really good people here…

“I think you sell that to kids. But you also sell them, like, ‘Come be a part of something special. The attention that you’re going to get when you’re here.’ Because in this state it’s one team. You don’t have to have LSU, Tulane and then you got the Saints. You got Nebraska. That’s the attention that you’re going to get. And we all know these kids, these days, they need the attention, they want the attention. So they can get all the attention that they want.”

I took a couple of things from this quote here. For one, he has a good idea of what the current recruit is like. They do indeed want all the attention it seems. In that respect, coming to Nebraska is a good selling point.  Selling the people and selling the state of Nebraska is a very smart move. At the end of the day, that’s going to matter more than facilities. The recruit may not look at it that way right now, but in the end that’s how it seems to unfold.

Secondly, he talked about accountability and how that intertwines into his personality. Hands-on coaching is something that I personally love. That way, players can tell that the coach cares about them. It also helps hammer home concepts and often times leads to better performance on the field. Heading into a crucial 2022 season, better on-field performance is paramount. Nebraska football has not had a lot of that as of late.

“But now you have a chance to come back and bring light back to the program. … I think the kids in the building, they’re excited on our side of the ball. I heard Scott say, ‘Just new faces gives you a breath of fresh air.’ My personality is a little bit different than Lubes (Matt Lubick). Lubes was a little more laidback. I’m more hands-on and making sure that everybody is held accountable in that room.”

Simply put, I feel better about the wide receiver room in terms of coaching with Joseph in the fold. It sounds like he is going to do his best to get the most out of that room. This guy knows what it takes to succeed. Just look at how many of his former wide receivers are in the NFL. That’s not by accident. He knows how to get the most out of his players.

I’m excited to see what he will be able to bring to Nebraska football. This is going to be completely different than from what we saw last year, and that’s a very good thing.

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