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Erik Chinander discusses leadership qualities of Ty Robinson

You heard me talk a little bit on Tuesday about what Nebraska football defensive coordinator Erik Chinander had to say about some of his players. He praised many on the defensive side of the ball. One of those players included Ty Robinson.

The defensive lineman is a player that I believe is really going to make an impact for Nebraska. We saw it in spurts last season. He recorded 27 tackles, 10 more than he did in 2020. He also showed he could rush the passer, recording two sacks on the season.

I like the way that Robinson plays. He plays very aggressively and his main goal is to get after the quarterback. He was a player that I had my eye on ever since start of spring ball last year. For the most part, Robinson delivered. Now, I want to see him play a much bigger role in 2022.

Like I mentioned above, we saw Robinson rushed the passer a little bit. I would like to see him become a full-time pass-rusher and be a guy that makes quarterbacks afraid. Quite frankly Nebraska needs a full-time pass-rusher. They had 20 sacks last season which put them 11th out of 14 teams in the Big Ten. Clearly there is room for improvement there.

However, Robinson may be the one to lead the charge. As Chinander noted on Tuesday, Robinson has leadership qualities. This is especially important in my opinion. With how many players Nebraska football has lost on the defensive side of the ball, they are going to need somebody to step up and be a leader.

“One interesting thing about Ty is as a young guy, he’s shown he’s not afraid to tell a guy when he’s not right. Whether that’s a senior or a freshman. And sometimes that’s hard to do when you’re a young guy and you got to tell an older guy, ‘Hey, that’s not the way we do things.’ He’s not afraid to do that.’ Now, you have to learn that you don’t always rule with an iron fist. There’s different ways to go about things, especially when people do look at you as a leader. But he has shown the willingness to correct people when they’re wrong, and to also confront people when they’re wrong even if they’re one of the main guys.”

This to me is huge. Leadership starts from within the program. If Robinson can be that vocal leader that Nebraska football is needing, that would fill a tremendous void. I expect him to really step up and be that guy. You can tell he loves the game of football every single time he is on the field.

I am not going to throw out any bold predictions on his behalf. What I will say is that he should be in a good position to make some noise in 2022.


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