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Nebraska Football: William Watson taking leadership role in peer recruiting

Nebraska football has been quite busy in the past couple of days in terms of recruiting. They have managed to put together a solid 2023 class, and have had a busy couple of weekends. As new Huskers begin to come into the fold, one particular recruit is making it his mission to be a player recruiter himself.

Quarterback William Watson figures to play a key role in the 2023 class. Watson committed in February, and is already looking to take charge of the next group. It is worth noting that the 2023 class is shaping up nicely. It is ranked 27th overall per 247Sports and currently has nine commitments.

Nevertheless, Watson wants to add more to the class. This is something that I find very encouraging. For one, he is a quarterback. The team will look to him for leadership because of his position.

Secondly, he seems to be locked and in terms of wanting to turn this program around. This is something that is very encouraging, because I believe that he could be a key piece for the future.

Many people had questions when he was recruited in regards to his size and how he was going to fit in with the Nebraska football program. Judging by his comments, I think he will fit in just fine.

Brian Christopherson of 247Sports wrote a piece on Wednesday detailing some of the efforts that Watson has made in peer recruiting. He takes these camps and events seriously, as he believes they will help take the program to the next level.

“I love being at events like that. I consider myself easy person to be with,” Watson said. “I introduced myself to a lot of recruits and let them know that I would love to play with them and win championships together.”

A positive development for Nebraska football

This is good to hear, because this is a guy that you want in the quarterback room. He is taking a leadership role in recruiting efforts. If he is taking on a leadership role now, imagine what he will be able to do once he has a firm spot in the quarterback room.

To be fair, he is not doing it all on his own. Dwight Bootle has also been doing recruiting of his own and seems to be on the same page as Watson.

Cornerback Dwight Bootle II said of Watson, “We both have the same goals of just wanting to come in and change the program around, and we gelled on that to be honest.”

Time will tell if they will be able to change the program. It is going to take a lot of work. Nevertheless, you have to love the mindset, and it is great to see Watson leading the way.

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