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Fred Hoiberg offers offensive changes while praising Juwan Gary

Nebraska basketball head coach Fred Hoiberg met with the media on Monday. He was able to give details in regards to where some of his players stand at this point in time. One of the players he elaborated on was Alabama transfer Juwan Gary. In the process, he may have shed some light on new philosophies heading into next season.

Gary arrived to the Nebraska basketball program on April 21. He comes to the Nebraska basketball program with a wealth of experience. He played in Alabama, where he is fresh of a successful 2021 season. He finished tied for fourth on the team in blocks, and was able to put up 49 offensive rebounds on the year. In total, he recorded 99 rebounds last season.

Rebounding has been an issue for Nebraska basketball. It’s been an issue for the last couple of seasons, and last year was more of the same. They averaged 33.1 rebounds per game the last season, second-to-last in the Big Ten. Only Minnesota averaged less per game with 30.7 on the year.

In addition to his defensive play style, Nebraska basketball is hoping that Gary helps them change up their philosophies. Hoiberg met with the media on Wednesday, and he offered a little bit of insight into what kind of approach they are taking to improve on the boards, as noted by Brian Christopherson of 247Sports.

“Juwan Gary is going to be somebody I think our fans fall in love with right away just because of his tenacity of going and getting the ball. We’re changing our offensive rebounding philosophy and we’re going to get after it. I think our personnel fits better with multiple players crashing the boards this year.”

I like to hear this for a couple of reasons. For one, it means that they are going to really stress rebounding this year. Secondly, they have been lackadaisical on the boards . Some of it has been due to lack of size. Some of it has been due to lack of aggression on the boards. Whatever the case is, they just haven’t done it and it’s cost them games, particularly in the later stages.

I’m excited to see what Gary brings  to this team. I think he will help them fit their defensive philosophy. I also think he will help them score. Either way, it is good to see that Nebraska basketball is putting more of an emphasis on rebounding. Doing so will help them win more. This has has needed to have been emphasized for quite a while. I’m happy to hear they are trying to implement it this offseason.

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