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Nebraska Football: Ty Robinson needs to step up his game

Nebraska football defensive lineman Ty Robinson knows the Nebraska football run defense needs to be better.

Through two games, Nebraska is giving up 194.5 yards per game and 4.86 yards per carry. In the Northwestern game, they got absolutely shredded. They struggled against North Dakota as well.

The whole defensive line needs to play better. That’s  stating the obvious. However, one player who I would like to see step up a little bit more is Ty Robinson. So far, he only has two total tackles on the season. Right now, that’s just not enough.

When Robinson is on top of his game, he is disruptive, and can break up plays and the backfield. In addition, he can get to the quarterback and bring a feared pass-rushing presence. He is just simply not there right now, and it is very noticeable. Particularly when Nebraska football has had to stop the run over the past couple of games, he just hasn’t been able to do it like I thought he would.

It sounds like I’m blaming this solely on him, but I’m not. The entire defensive line needs to get better at stopping the run. It’s just that I thought Robinson would make more of an impact by now, and that just hasn’t been the case. He’s looked slow, and he has been getting manhandled by Northwestern’s and North Dakota’s offensive lines over the past two weeks.

Robinson knows he needs to be better for Nebraska football

He spoke with the media on Monday, and alluded to the fact that the Nebraska football run defense needs to be better. He also broke down what he has to do better in terms of tackling as well, as transcribed by Michael Bruntz of Husker247.

“It all starts with the defensive line,” Robinson said. “I haven’t been as physical as I know I can be. I think it starts there. Physicality, knock back on the offensive line. For the defensive line, it starts with us.”

“I tend to have a lateral step instead of a vertical step,” Robinson said. “When you play with a guy coming at you as a straight, and I take a 45 (degree angle), it’s easier to knock me off the ball. I’ve been playing with high pad level the past two games. I have to really focus on that and bring it in the game on Saturday.”

If he can get going, that will make a world of difference for Nebraska football. He is a huge piece of that defensive line, and his struggles have been noticeable over the past couple of weeks. If he can string together a strong game this week, I will definitely feel better about his impact this season.

In my opinion, good defensive line play starts with him. He has the talent, now it’s just about execution and being fundamentally sound. He needs to show up over these next couple of games, or the defensive line will continue to have struggles. He is an impact player, now he just needs to play like it.

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