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This is the biggest phobia of Ohio’s residents

Ohio, known for its diverse landscapes, friendly communities, and rich history, is home to a unique set of fears that grip its residents. While the state may not be widely recognized for its collective phobias, a closer look reveals an intriguing and often unspoken anxiety that haunts the Buckeye State. In this article, we delve into Ohio’s biggest phobia and explore the factors that contribute to this shared unease.

The Unseen Fear

One might expect a state’s biggest phobia to be tied to a common threat, such as natural disasters, economic instability, or even specific local wildlife. Surprisingly, Ohioans share an apprehension that transcends these typical concerns – the fear of becoming landlocked.

Landlocked Anxiety

Ohio, nestled in the heart of the Midwest, lacks any coastline, and it is precisely this geographic feature that sparks the landlocked anxiety among its residents. With no access to an ocean or a major body of water, the fear of being landlocked becomes a unique and somewhat unexpected phobia for those living in the state.

Contributing Factors

This is the biggest phobia of Ohio's residents
  • Geographic Isolation
    Ohio’s location in the center of the United States places it far from any ocean, making it one of the few states without direct access to a coastline. This geographical isolation can lead to a sense of confinement and a fear of being cut off from the rest of the country.
  • Lack of Nautical Culture
    Unlike coastal states with a strong maritime culture, Ohio lacks the sea-faring traditions that often provide a sense of connection to the water. The absence of a coastal lifestyle may contribute to the unease associated with being landlocked.
  • Escape Fantasy
    Many Ohio residents harbor a dream of escaping to the coast for vacations or retirement. The fear of being landlocked may stem from the perceived limitation on fulfilling this coastal escape fantasy, contributing to a sense of restlessness and longing.

Coping Mechanisms

While the fear of being landlocked may persist, Ohioans have found various ways to cope with this unique phobia:

  • Lake Erie Retreats
    Ohio is fortunate to have a portion of Lake Erie along its northern border. Residents often seek solace in the Great Lakes, enjoying the water activities and coastal ambiance that this lake provides.
  • Travel and Exploration
    Ohioans combat their landlocked anxiety by embracing travel opportunities. Whether it’s a road trip to the East Coast or a flight to a tropical destination, exploring new horizons becomes a vital coping mechanism.
  • Community Bonds
    Ohio’s tight-knit communities offer support and a sense of belonging, helping residents focus on the positive aspects of living in the Buckeye State and fostering a sense of unity that goes beyond geographical constraints.


Ohio’s biggest phobia may not be the stuff of horror movies, but it’s a unique and shared anxiety that taps into the longing for open waters and the vastness of the ocean. While the fear of being landlocked may persist, Ohioans continue to find ways to navigate their anxieties, fostering a sense of resilience and community that transcends geographic boundaries.

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