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293 unwanted guns turned in during the Vista safety event

During Sunday’s gun safety event at the North County Regional Center, the public turned in 293 unwanted firearms, along with 13 cable locks and 13 gun lock boxes to store firearms at home, according to authorities.

In collaboration with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office and the Oceanside Police Department, the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department issued $100 and $200 gift cards for a variety of firearms and ghost guns. The event, hosted at the North County Regional Center, 325 South Melrose Drive in Vista, also took anonymous donations.

Those who successfully handed in firearms were given the option of selecting a New Vision Church mini-cruiser skateboard as an incentive.

Firearms had to be in operating order, unloaded, and placed in a vehicle trunk. All firearms were processed after they were collected.

Any firearms discovered to have been used in a crime were sent to the proper law enforcement agency, according to the sheriff’s department. When guns were discovered to be stolen, the original owners were notified.

All other surviving weapons were slated for destruction.

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