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3 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Ohio

Recent years have seen an alarming increase in gang activity in Ohio, with multiple groups making major inroads into the state. We’ll talk about three of the deadliest gangs in Ohio right now in this post.

MS-13: A Transnational Threat

Mara Salvatrucha, another name for MS-13, is infamous for its cross-border activities and cruel methods. MS-13 is an American terrorist group that originated in El Salvador and has since migrated to Ohio. Their engagement in violent crimes, drug trafficking, and people smuggling makes them a top priority for law enforcement.

Hell s Angels: Not Just a Motorcycle Club

One of the most well-known motorcycle clubs in the world is the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club. Not only do they ride motorbikes in Ohio, but they are also heavily involved in drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, and violent crimes. They are a powerful gang in Ohio because of their statewide influence and presence.

The Latin Kings: Cleveland s Own

With a sizable chapter in Cleveland, Ohio, The Latin Kings have a lengthy history in the country. Although they have a corporate structure and function, they are well-known for their violent and drug-related criminal activities. It is impossible to overstate their influence on Cleveland’s streets.


The safety and security of Ohio’s communities are seriously threatened by the existence of these gangs. A variety of tactics, including community outreach, law enforcement tactics, and rehabilitation programs, must be used to address gang violence. Ohio can only expect to combat the deadly influence of these criminal organizations by working together.

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