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4 Ohio Destinations Named Among The ‘Most Dangerous’ Towns In The US

Ohio is a state full of attractions, such the Ohio River, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. But not every location in Ohio is secure for both tourists and locals. Some Ohio cities are among the most hazardous in the country due to high rates of violent and property crimes, according to FBI figures. These four are as follows:


Ohio’s most hazardous city is Chillicothe, which was originally the state capital. With 21,748 residents, Chillicothe has a crime rate per thousand of 32.56, which is 248% more than the average for the state. Compared to the rest of Ohio, Chillicothe has a 3.5 times higher chance of property crimes. In Chillicothe, murder, assault, burglary, and auto theft are the most frequent crimes. Despite being only 10.5 miles long, Chillicothe has 163 crimes per square mile. One out of every 209 residents in Chillicothe experiences violence at some point in their lives.


Although the Professional Football Hall of Fame is a well-known landmark in Canton, the city is also well-known for having a high crime rate. It is safer in Canton than it is in 99 percent of other American communities. With 72,163 residents, Canton has a crime rate that is 109% more than the state average at 6.11 per thousand. In Canton, there were 3,411 property crimes and 1,429 violent crimes recorded in 2020. These offenses include of car theft, burglary, assault, robbery, and murder. Canton’s high percentage of 31.7% poverty also adds to the city’s crime issue.


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is located in Cleveland, Ohio, which is the state’s second largest city. It is, nevertheless, the state’s third-most dangerous city. Cleveland’s crime rate, at 9.02 per thousand, is 164% higher than the state average despite the city having a population of 389,165. In 2020, Cleveland had 26,301 property crimes and 9,036 violent offenses. These offenses include of car theft, burglary, assault, robbery, and murder. Cleveland’s 33.1% poverty rate also has an impact on people’s safety and quality of life.


Portsmouth, a little city on the Ohio River, is known for its high crime rate. Portsmouth has 20,424 residents, making its crime rate per thousand 11.76, which is 214% greater than the state average. In Portsmouth compared to the rest of Ohio, the likelihood of experiencing a property crime is 4.2 times higher. In Portsmouth, the most frequent crimes are car theft, burglaries, murders, and assaults. In addition, Portsmouth has a high proportion of poverty (34.8%), which is associated with the city’s drug and crime issues.


Ohio is a state full with attractions, but it’s also full of risks. Several of its cities are among the most dangerous in the US due to high rates of violent and property crimes. Chillicothe, Canton, Cleveland, and Portsmouth are a few of these cities. These cities are known for their high rates of poverty, poor standard of living, and high frequency of homicide, assault, burglary, and auto theft. Both tourists and locals in these locations should be aware of the dangers and take safety measures to safeguard their belongings. Not all of Ohio is wonderful, but not all of Ohio is awful either.

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