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5 Tennessee Towns People Are Fleeing as Soon as Possible

Many people are drawn to Tennessee because of its free college tuition, beautiful scenery, varied culture, and low tax rate. Nonetheless, locals do not find all of the state’s communities to be equally appealing. A few encounter obstacles including dwindling populations, elevated rates of criminal activity, insufficient facilities, or restricted prospects. These are the five Tennessee communities where residents are moving out:


Whiteville, a town in Hardeman County with 3,148 residents as of 2020, suffers from a high rate of violent crime—1,177 per 100,000 people—and poverty—35.6%. The population’s level of economic development and educational achievement is low; only 10.9% of people have a bachelor’s degree or above. The community has had a decline in population since 2000, with a median household income of $25,833.

Cumberland Gap

Although historically noteworthy, Cumberland Gap, a community in Claiborne County with 476 persons in 2020, doesn’t have many modern services. The town’s low population density of 97 persons per square mile and 30.5% poverty rate, along with a low median family income of $28,750, add to the town’s feeling of remoteness.


Orme, a town in Marion County that will have 115 residents in 2020, is among the smallest and most rapidly disappearing municipalities in Tennessee. Its population has decreased by more than half since 2000, and it now has a high poverty rate of 27.8%, a low median family income of $31,250, and water shortage problems.


Another town in decline is Viola, which has 128 persons in 2020 and has lost 23% of its population since 2000. Viola is located in Warren County. It struggles with a low level of educational attainment, with only 6.3% of people holding a bachelor’s degree or more, a high poverty rate of 26.6%, and a low median household income of $32,500.


In 2020, Toone, a town in Hardeman County with 330 citizens, experienced sorrow and bloodshed. A fatal gunshot in 2016 and a house fire in 2017 are examples of recent occurrences. In addition, the town faces challenges with a low median household income of $34,375 and a high poverty rate of 25.8%.

These five Tennessee towns are losing residents as a result of difficult living circumstances and little job options. Even if Tennessee has a lot to offer, before choosing to go there, make sure you compare and conduct extensive research on communities.


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