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5 Wisconsin Towns People Are Fleeing As Soon As Possible

Wisconsin is a state full with natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. However, not all of its communities are doing well in the modern day. A number of them are dealing with social issues, economic stagnation, and demographic loss. Based on the most recent census statistics, the following five Wisconsin communities are experiencing a mass exodus.

La Crosse

The Mississippi River community of La Crosse is well-known for its picturesque bluffs and old downtown. Nevertheless, with 1.33% of its population lost since 2020, it is also one of the Wisconsin cities that is shrinking the fastest. A high percentage of poverty, a low median income, and a dearth of employment possibilities have been issues for the community. Young people are moving out of the city in search of better opportunities elsewhere.


Racine is a lakeside city well-known for its industrial past and Danish ancestry. However, since 2020, it has lost 1.24% of its population, making it one of Wisconsin’s most rapidly shrinking cities. Deindustrialization, crime, racial segregation, and environmental problems have all affected the city. To live in a better state or in the adjacent suburbs, a lot of locals are relocating.

Fond du Lac

Located at the southernmost point of Lake Winnebago, the city of Fond du Lac is well-known for its festivals, boating, and fishing. Its population has decreased by 1.18% since 2020, making it one of Wisconsin’s most declining communities. The city has suffered from a lack of diversity, an aging population, and low educational attainment. Many educated and young people are moving out of the city to live in more vibrant, international communities.

West Allis

Located close to the Wisconsin State Fair and with strong agricultural traditions, West Allis is a city in the Milwaukee metropolitan area. With 1.01% of its population lost since 2020, it is likewise one of Wisconsin’s most declining cities. The city has experienced a fall in manufacturing, a loss of identity, and competition from nearby suburbs. A large number of people and companies are moving to other areas of the state or the region.


Wisconsin’s largest city, Milwaukee, serves as the state’s center of both the arts and economy. With 0.61% of its population lost since 2020, it is also one of the Wisconsin cities that is shrinking the fastest. Urban deterioration, social unrest, income disparity, and political polarization have all been issues for the city. A large number of citizens are leaving the city for more inexpensive and safe locations.


These five Wisconsin towns serve as illustrations of the difficulties and transformations that many localities across the state and the country are dealing with. Certain ones might be able to be revived and reinvented, but others might just keep getting worse. People are leaving these places in search of better lives, surroundings, and chances elsewhere.

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