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7 Cities Everyone is Leaving From Michigan

The state of Michigan is rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty. However, a lot of people have made the decision to leave the state in recent years due to a variety of factors, including weather, lifestyle preferences, and economic prospects. One of the rare states to see a population decrease is Michigan, where the U.S. Census Bureau reports that from 2022 and 2023, the state’s population fell by 0.1%.

Which cities, though, are the most being abandoned? We have produced a list of the top seven cities that people are fleeing from Michigan based on U-Haul’s 2023 Growth Index, which evaluates the net gain of one-way U-Haul trucks entering vs leaving that state during a calendar year. These are the following:

7. Grand Rapids

The largest city in West Michigan and the second-largest in Michigan is Grand Rapids. It is well-known for its craft beer scene, art, and culture. Nevertheless, after losing 947 inhabitants in 2022, it also lost 843 in 2023. Grand Rapids may be losing residents for a variety of reasons, such as the city’s high cost of living, dearth of diversity, and bitterly cold winters.

6. Dearborn

The Ford Motor Company is based in Dearborn, a city in the Detroit metropolitan area. It boasts a thriving cultural legacy and a sizable Arab-American population. But the U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2023, it also lost 1,026 residents. Dearborn may be losing residents because to a number of issues, such as the deteriorating car industry, high crime rates, and racial tensions.

5. Warren

The third-largest city in Michigan and another city in the Detroit metropolitan area is Warren. With numerous companies and industries situated within the city, it is a significant industrial and commercial hub. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2023, it also lost 1,028 residents. The outdated infrastructure, the low median income, and the dearth of leisure alternatives are a few of the difficulties Warren faces.

4. Flint

General Motors was founded in Flint, a city in Genesee County. It was once a thriving center of manufacturing, but for many years it has struggled with social issues, population loss, and economic collapse. It is primarily known for the water crisis that started in 2014 when the city moved to the Flint River as its water supply, causing thousands of citizens to experience health problems and lead contamination. In 2023, Flint saw 1,304 population losses, according to the US Census Bureau. Flint’s high poverty rate, low educational attainment, and poor water quality are some of the possible reasons why residents are moving away.

3. Saginaw

Saginaw, a city in Saginaw County, was formerly the global center for lumber production. It is situated in the Saginaw Valley, an area renowned for its natural resources and agricultural output. But Saginaw has also had a sustained downturn in its economy, population, and standard of living. In 2023, Saginaw lost 1,308 residents, as reported by the US Census Bureau. A few of the elements that could be playing a part in Saginaw’s demise are the decline in manufacturing jobs, the level of crime, and environmental problems.

2. Lansing

The fifth-largest city in Michigan and the state capital is Lansing. Along with the state administration, Michigan State University, and a plethora of historical and cultural landmarks are located there. But the U.S. Census Bureau reports that Lansing also lost 1,763 citizens in 2023. The divisiveness of politics, the heavy traffic, and the high taxes are some of the reasons why people might be moving out of Lansing.

1. Detroit

The biggest and most populated city in Michigan as well as the biggest city along the US-Canada border is Detroit. It is well-known for its sports, music, and car sectors. But it’s also notorious for its crime, bankruptcy, and urban deterioration. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that in 2023, Detroit lost a startling 9,881 people. The public services, blight, and unemployment rate are a few of the issues Detroit is facing.


Michigan is a state full of chances and strengths, but it’s also full with threats and flaws. While some might think it’s a terrific area to work, live, and have fun, others might want to look elsewhere for more favorable circumstances. Though not the only ones, the cities on our list are among the most impacted by the out-migration trend. In order to draw and keep citizens who can support the state’s growth and development, the entire state must solve the problems that are driving people away.

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