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7 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Florida

Florida is well-known for its bright beaches, amusement parks, and rich cultural diversity. However, the streets and neighborhoods of the Sunshine State are terrorized by a violent and dark underworld of gangs operating behind the scenes. These are the top seven most violent gangs that are encroaching on Florida.

1. Latin Kings

With origins in Chicago in the 1940s, the Latin Kings are one of the biggest and most established Hispanic street gangs in the United States. They are widely distributed throughout Florida, particularly in the metropolises of Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. The Latin Kings have a bad reputation due to their involvement in murder, robberies, drug trafficking, and racketeering. In addition, they are well-known for their five-pointed crown emblem and their intense devotion to their leader, known as the Inca.

2. MS-13

The multinational gang MS-13, also known as Mara Salvatrucha, was founded in Los Angeles in the 1980s by refugees from El Salvador who were escaping their country’s civil conflict. Since then, they have spread to several states and nations, including Florida, where they are heavily concentrated in the counties of Collier, Broward, and Palm Beach. The MS-13 is notorious for its ferocity, violence, and use of machetes as weapons. They are engaged in a range of illegal operations, including murder, extortion, kidnapping, and people trafficking.

3. Bloods

A rival of the Crips, the Bloods are a mostly African-American street gang that was founded in Los Angeles during the 1970s. Since then, they have expanded to numerous other states and towns, notably Florida, where they are well-established in West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, and Fort Lauderdale. The Bloods are renowned for their usage of the five-pointed star, the color red, and the number five as symbols. They are involved in a number of crimes, including homicide, assault, robbery, and drug selling.

4. Crips

Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams founded the mostly African-American street gang known as The Crips in Los Angeles in the late 1960s. Since then, they have developed into one of the biggest and most powerful gangs in the United States, with branches in numerous states and towns, including Florida, where they are particularly well-known in Miami, Orlando, and Tallahassee. The Crips are renowned for their usage of the six-pointed star, the color blue, and the number six as symbols. They are implicated in a number of crimes, including murder, carjacking, robbery, and drug trafficking.

5. Outlaws

A motorcycle club called The Outlaws was established in Illinois in 1935. They, the Hells Angels, the Pagans, and the Bandidos, are the four major criminal motorcycle groups that make up the Big Four. In Florida, where they have a strong presence in the cities of Tampa, Daytona Beach, and Jacksonville, they have chapters in other states and nations. The Outlaws are well-known for their skull and crossbones emblem and their catchphrase, God Forgives, Outlaws Don’t. They are implicated in a number of crimes, including prostitution, murder, drug and weapon trafficking, and prostitution.

6. Sur-13

A collection of Hispanic street gangs connected to the Mexican Mafia, a formidable prison group, go by the name Sur-13, or Sure os. They came from Southern California, but throughout the years they have spread to many other states and areas, including Florida, where they are very common in Miami, Orlando, and Fort Myers. Sur-13 is well-known for their symbolic usage of the three dots, the number 13, and the color blue. They have committed a number of crimes, including drug distribution, burglaries, robberies, and murder.

7. Zoe Pound

Early in the 1990s, a group of Haitian refugees in Miami created the street gang Zoe Pound, which is composed of both Haitians and Americans. Since then, they have developed into one of Florida’s most potent and vicious gangs, with members found in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. The Haitian flag, the number 1804, and the word “Zoe” are well-known emblems used by Zoe Pound. They are implicated in a number of crimes, including fraud, money laundering, murder, and drug trafficking.


These are only a handful of the most lethal gangs that are encroaching on Florida. They seriously jeopardize the security and safety of the state’s citizens and tourists. To address the gang issue and stop additional violence and crime, the communities and the authorities must cooperate.

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