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A Haunted Road In Iowa That Will Give You Chills

Iowa, famed for its farmland, cornfields, and welcoming people, has a hidden side full with legends, ghost stories, and mysteries. Among the haunting locations is Stony Hollow Road, a mysterious night spot that residents tend to stay away from, rich in ghost stories and the focus of multiple investigations. Located in the southeast of the state, close to Burlington, this gravel road winds through forested hillsides and offers a glimpse of the Mississippi River. Let’s explore the mythology, history, and eyewitness accounts that surround Stony Hollow Road.

The History of Stony Hollow Road

Stony Hollow Road was formerly an essential link in a network that connected neighboring communities, but a terrible incident in the late 1800s drastically changed the road’s destiny. According to legend, one rainy wedding night, young Lucinda, the bride-to-be, waited for her groom to arrive on the road. She was going to start over, dressed in white, a bouquet in her hand. But her fianc never showed up, his wagon stuck in the mud from the rain. Gripping her roses, Lucinda sadly jumped from a rock overlooking the road, fearing she had been abandoned. When her death was found the following day, the road’s eerie reputation officially began.

The Legend of Lucinda s Ghost

Stony Hollow Road has been haunted by strange happenings ever since Lucinda’s death. A bright white light is a recurrent phenomena that attracts inquisitive bystanders with its unpredictable motions and color changes. It is typically witnessed between 10 p.m. and midnight. The light is attributed by the locals to Lucinda’s restless spirit, which is either seeking revenge or is still waiting to be betrothed. There are stories of calling upon her by repeating her name three times or reading her dropping a rose as a sign that death is near. Accounts also describe experiences with a threatening force referred to as the Evil One, which is said to be the source of frightening whispers and even physical attacks.

The Sightings of the Paulding Light

Known as the Paulding Light after the surrounding town, this mysterious light has defied scientists’ best efforts despite countless investigations. Several theories try to explain why it exists:

  • Some speculate the light originates from distant car headlights refracted by the terrain and atmospheric conditions, as demonstrated by a 2010 study.
  • Others attribute it to swamp gas ignitions, a theory proposed by a local sheriff in 1966.
  • Another popular belief suggests the light embodies the spirit of a deceased railroad brakeman or a Native American chief, both legends rooted in local folklore.


Both believers and doubters are drawn to Stony Hollow Road, which is still a fascinating mystery. Regardless of whether it is perceived as a spectral being, an aberration in nature, or a common occurrence, its fascination endures, adding to Iowa’s diverse cultural heritage. Do you plan to experience the Paulding Light, or have you already? Please share your ideas and personal stories below.

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