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Abbott Launches Top 10 Most Wanted Illegal Immigrants List

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has released a list of the top ten criminal fugitives who are illegally residing in the nation. This effort, in partnership with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS), aims to identify and capture people who have entered the nation illegally and are wanted for significant crimes committed in the state as repeat offenders.

The Texas DPS website will host the list, which is called the Top 10 Most Wanted Criminal Illegal Immigrants List and includes pictures of the people on it. Director of the DPS Steve McCraw emphasized the need for public support in catching these criminals before they have an opportunity to commit more crimes.

Texas Crime Stoppers has instituted a cash incentive scheme for those who offer information about people on the top 10 list in an effort to stimulate reports that could result in arrests. If a tipper contacts Crime Stoppers, they can choose to remain anonymous. They can do this using a variety of platforms, including Facebook, the DPS website, and the hotline.

Governor Abbott’s administration assures you that all tips, regardless of how they are sent in, will be kept private. This program demonstrates the devoted dedication of Texas law enforcement to enhance public safety and address the issue of crime linked to illegal immigration in the state.

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