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Barge Collides with Bridge in Galveston, Texas, Causing Oil Spill

A worrying occurrence occurred in Galveston, Texas, where a barge struck a bridge pillar. The single road leading to a nearby island was closed as a result of this incident, which also caused an oil spill in the nearby waters. Luckily, no reports of injuries were made.

A portion of the bridge that connected Pelican Island to Galveston collapsed onto the barge as a result of the accident. This meant that in order to perform cleanup, a portion of the waterway had to be closed.

Lieutenant Ray Nolen of the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office reports that despite one person being knocked off the vessel and into the ocean, they were quickly retrieved and escaped unharmed.

Even though the ports on the Texas coast are vital to global trade, analysts don’t think this incident will have a big effect on the state’s economy.

This is as a result of the crash taking place on a less trafficked river. In addition, compared to Galveston Island’s well-liked beaches, Pelican Island, the scene of the tragedy, is not a very popular tourist site.

The tugboat operator, who was in charge of navigating two barges, apparently lost control of the vessel at 10 a.m. as a result of difficult currents and high tide. This accident explanation was given by Galveston County Navigation District bridge superintendent David Flores.

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