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Belle Isle Police Officer Injured in Traffic Stop Near Orlando

Zachary Mathews, a Belle Isle Police officer, was seriously injured after a routine traffic stop near Orlando International Airport took a disastrous turn.

After only a year in the military, Mathews sustained back fractures and needed a walker for short periods of time. He talked about how the incident left him with a bizarre sensation loss in his right leg.

Carlos Miller was operating an SUV with a trailer when Mathews and his companion came across him during the halt. After smelling marijuana, the officers motioned for Miller to get out of the car.

When Miller tried to run away into oncoming traffic, Mathews had to step in. Though he was able to stop the impact, he was thrown back and ended up on the ground.

The SUV started to move toward Mathews while the trailer was still attached and it was still in drive. After he barely avoided being ran over, he helped secure Miller and lifted the trailer off of himself before succumbing to his wounds.

Mathews is thankful that his injuries were not more severe despite the ordeal. After several weeks of therapy, he intends to resume light duties in a month.

In connection with the incident, Miller is charged with seven offenses, one of which is aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer.

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