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Biden Announces Recipients of Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Presidential Medal of Freedom is a renowned award given to people who have significantly improved international peace, national security, or notable public or private endeavors. President Biden has revealed his choice of winners.

The event is set for this Friday and will recognize nineteen people, including well-known Democrats like Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and former Secretary of State John F. Kerry.

Prominent personalities from a range of industries, such as athletics, entertainment, civil rights, and space research, are among the recipients. Educator Opal Lee, civil rights leader Clarence B. Jones, and Judy Shepard, the founder of the Matthew Shepard Foundation, are among the notable honorees.

Along with pioneers in the space industry like astronomer Jane Rigby and astronaut Ellen Ochoa, the list also includes Michelle Yeoh and Phil Donahue.

The event will also honor posthumous winners, including former Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, Olympic gold medallist Jim Thorpe, and civil rights activist Medgar Evers.

President Biden will use the occasion to thank important supporters who have helped him during his career, such as Pelosi, Kerry, and Clyburn, whose endorsements were vital to his success in a number of political initiatives.

The appointment of well-known Republican Elizabeth Dole emphasizes the selection process’s bipartisanship. Dole is honored for her long history of service and leadership, which includes positions in the Senate and several presidential administrations.

The event highlights the various contributions made by people from all backgrounds and professions, demonstrating the diversity of American society and the ideals of excellence, leadership, and service.

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