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Discover the 8 Most Devastating Bridge Collapses in Michigan

Bridges stand as testaments to human ingenuity and connections, yet history reminds us of their vulnerability to catastrophic failures, bringing immense human tragedy. Here, we recount the poignant tales of eight devastating bridge collapses:

1. Ponte das Barcas, Portugal, 1809

Death Toll: Est. 4,000Amidst the chaos of the Peninsular War, Ponte das Barcas witnessed a heartbreaking scene. Fleeing civilians overwhelmed the pontoon bridge, seeking refuge from Napoleon s forces. The bridge crumbled under the weight, leading to the tragic loss of approximately 4,000 lives.

2. Great Yarmouth Suspension Bridge, England, 1845

Death Toll: 79What began as a joyous spectacle turned into a nightmare on the Great Yarmouth Suspension Bridge. Crowds gathered to watch a clown s performance, but a sudden shift in weight caused the chains to snap. The bridge gave way, claiming the lives of 79 individuals, including many children.

3. Pont de la Basse-Cha ne, France, 1850

Death Toll: 226Angers, France, witnessed horror as severe thunderstorms and marching soldiers proved fatal for Pont de la Basse-Cha ne Bridge. The bridge s suspension cables snapped under the combined force, leading to the loss of 226 lives.

4. Whangaehu River Rail Bridge, New Zealand, 1953

151 fatalitiesOn a fateful Christmas Eve, tragedy struck the Whangaehu River Rail Bridge. A volcanic mudslide compromised the bridge s integrity, causing a passenger train to plunge into the river. Despite efforts, 151 lives were lost in this heart-wrenching accident.

5. Truesdell Bridge, Illinois, 1873

Death Toll: 46A serene baptism ceremony turned into a nightmare on the Truesdell Bridge. Structural faults in the bridge design proved fatal as it collapsed under the weight of the gathered crowd, claiming 46 lives.

6. Morandi Bridge, Italy, 2018

Death Toll: 43In Genoa, the collapse of the Morandi Bridge shook the world. Corrosion of steel cables due to water seepage led to sections of the bridge giving way, resulting in 43 fatalities and leaving a city in mourning.

7. Sunshine Skyway Bridge, Florida, 1980

Death Toll: 35Amidst a sudden squall, tragedy struck the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The MV Summit Venture collided with the bridge, causing a section to collapse into the bay below, claiming 35 lives in the chaos.

8. I-35W Mississippi River Bridge, Minnesota, 2007

Death Toll: 13Rush-hour traffic met structural deficiencies on the I-35W Mississippi River Bridge. The collapse took 13 lives, serving as a stark reminder of the critical importance of bridge safety measures.

These stories echo the fragility of infrastructure and underscore the imperative of stringent safety standards in bridge construction and maintenance.

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