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Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban Spurs Women to Seek Services Elsewhere

Clinics in surrounding Southern and mid-Atlantic states are seeing an increase in demand for abortion services from women who are unable to obtain them in their home state as a result of Florida’s recent implementation of a six-week abortion ban.

Three states north of Florida, North Carolina is home to healthcare providers who are quickly growing their services and cutting wait times to handle the surge in patients.

Planned Parenthood South Atlantic’s chief medical officer, Katherine Farris, reported a spike in visits from patients from Florida who were seeking services that were no longer offered in their state.

This pattern is representative of a wider phenomenon that has been observed in the US after the Supreme Court’s June 2022 ruling to overturn Roe v. Wade. States with less restrictive restrictions have taken proactive steps to welcome women seeking abortion services, while over 20 states have implemented laws restricting or outlawing abortions.

States with Democratic majorities have passed legislation making it easier for women from other states to obtain abortions. Among these safeguards is the provision of legal immunity to healthcare providers operating within the state to perform abortions on women who reside in states with stringent abortion legislation.

Furthermore, telemedicine providers in these states are increasingly providing abortion pills, further enhancing accessibility to the procedure.

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