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Key Pennsylvania Legislative Races in the Primary Election Spotlight

All eyes are on Pennsylvania’s legislative races as the state prepares for its primary election. Several of these battles are drawing attention because of packed ballots, challenged incumbents, and the possibility of party transfers. Just a few elections in each chamber are fiercely contested, despite the fact that all 203 state House seats and half of the state Senate are up for grabs.

Among the races to watch in today s primary election are:

10th Legislative District:

In the Democratic primary, state representative Amen Brown will be up against two opponents following his failed bid for mayor of Philadelphia in 2023. Sadja Blackwell and Cass Green, two community organizers, are competing against Brown; Green is hoping to take advantage of the issues brought up by Brown’s mayoral candidacy.

32nd Legislative District:

Penn Hills Mayor Pauline Calabrese is running against Rep. Joe McAndrew, who was elected in a special election in 2023. Calabrese supports direct voter selection of legislators.

34th Legislative District:

Representative Abigail Salisbury, who was appointed during the same special elections in 2023, will be challenged by Ashley Comans, the director of the Wilkinsburg School Board, who prioritizes advocating for healthcare and equal school funding.

100th Legislative District:

Conservative newcomer Dave Nissley, who places a higher priority on regulatory change and school choice, challenges House Minority Leader Bryan Cutler.

102nd Legislative District:

Rachel Moyer, who is supported by State Senator Doug Mastriano, is running against Representative Russ Diamond on the platform of election integrity and conservative values.

103rd Legislative District:

The state representative Patty Kim’s announcement of her intention to run for the state Senate creates a field of five Democratic contenders: Tina Nixon, Mercedes Evans, Nathan Davidson, Jesse Monoski, and Laura Harding.

172nd Legislative District:

Amidst personal and legal difficulties, Rep. Kevin Boyle is up against Sean Dougherty, who has strong backing from Democratic leaders.

181st Legislative District:

In addition to running for state auditor general, Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta is defending his House seat against NaDerah Griffin and Lewis Nash Sr., each of whom have different histories and priorities.

15th Senate District:

Rep. Patty Kim is running against Harrisburg pastor Alvin Q. Taylor for the Democratic nomination, which could have a big impact on the party balance in the Senate.

45th Senate District:

Democratic and Republican primary contests will be contested due to Sen. Jim Brewster’s upcoming retirement. Among the contenders are Rep. Nick Pisciottano, Makenzie White, Jennifer Dintini, and Kami Stulginskas.

49th Senate District:

Democratic contenders Jim Wertz and Selena King are lining up to take on Republican incumbent Sen. Dan Laughlin in November as they fight win the seat back from him.

These contests will influence the political scene as Pennsylvania’s primary plays out and provide voters a preview of the state’s future leadership.

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