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Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Posley to Receive $160,000 Severance Payment

As per the terms of his resignation agreement, Milwaukee Public Schools Superintendent Keith Posley will get a $160,000 severance payment upon his departure from the position. This choice was made in response to the state’s announcement that funds might be withheld because of past-due financial reports.

A special meeting of the Milwaukee School Board was called in response to Posley’s departure. The severance payment will be made in one lump sum once taxes are subtracted, per the agreement.

In line with the terms of his first employment contract, Posley will also get any unpaid salary he had earned but not yet received, accrued but unused vacation time, and personal day compensation in addition to the severance amount.

Posley has committed to refraining from pursuing any legal claims or grievances against the board in exchange for these benefits. The agreement also forbids him from denigrating the board, Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), or any of their officials. In addition, Posley has promised to assist with any legal action that results from the agreement’s signature.

In addition, the agreement states that Posley will not be allowed to work for the Milwaukee Public Schools board in the future. Transparency around Posley’s departure is provided via the Milwaukee Public Schools Office of Board Governance’s publishing of his employment contract and resignation agreement.

This development highlights the vital need of timely financial reporting in maintaining funding and operational stability within educational institutions and heralds a key leadership transition for Milwaukee Public Schools.

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