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Mother Sacrifices Her Life to Save Toddler at Michigan State Park

At Silver Lake State Park Sand Dunes in Golden Township, Michigan, a mother, 33, gave her life in order to save her toddler from an approaching car in a heartbreaking tragedy.

Tragic events occurred while Kadie Price and her family were having a great time at the park, watching events at the drag strip on the Silver Lake Sand Dunes. When a 1980 Jeep CJ lost control while racing northward on the drag strip, it shot off the track and toward the unwary family.

With unmatched bravery, Kadie made the split-second decision to move her 2-year-old daughter out of the path of the car before it hit her. Tragically, Kadie passed away at the site from her injuries despite the best attempts of park workers and rescue personnel to save her.

The Oceana County Sheriff’s Office is looking into the driver of the Jeep, a 64-year-old Michigan man, but his identity has been suppressed pending additional inquiry.

While the community struggles to cope with this tragic loss, Kadie’s heroic deed will live on in perpetuity as a symbol of a mother’s unwavering love and selflessness for her kid.

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