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New Jersey is the Most Dangerous State in the Country if You’re a Black Woman

New Jersey is frequently seen as a safe state because, according to a recent research, it has the lowest rate of major crime among all 50 states. However, this does not imply that everyone in New Jersey has a sense of safety and security. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New Jersey is the state where Black women are most at risk nationwide. These statistics were released recently.

The Difference in the Number of Homicides

According to the CDC, 9.7 Black women in New Jersey out of 100,000 died in 2021. This is greater than five times the 1.8 out of 100,000 national average. A white woman in New Jersey has a fifteen-fold higher chance of dying than a black woman in New York.

Not just in New Jersey is there a disparity in the number of murders. Across the nation, black women have a higher death rate than women of other races and ethnicities. Despite making up only 13% of all females, the Violence Policy Center reports that in 2018, black women accounted for 22% of all female murder victims. In the majority of these cases, the victim knew the killer, who was typically a close partner.

Why There Is So Much Violence

In addition to racism and sexism, other factors that increase the likelihood of violence against Black women include poverty, stress, trauma, and limited access to social services, health care, education, and other resources. Due to their increased vulnerability and oppression, these factors increase the likelihood that Black women will be assaulted or killed.

The state may have the highest murder rate of Black women due in part to the lack of strict gun control laws in New Jersey. Although New Jersey has some of the toughest gun regulations in the nation, many illegal firearms originate from neighboring states with laxer gun laws. It will be simple for criminals to obtain firearms and use them against their victims.

The fact that New Jersey police officers are not being held accountable or undergoing reform could also be a factor. Although New Jersey’s police have a history of violence and dishonesty, particularly in Black areas, the state maintains an image for being progressive. According to a 2020 state attorney general report, police in New Jersey utilized force against Black persons more than three times as frequently as they did against White people. According to the survey, many police departments lacked the necessary transparency, oversight, or training.

Why We Need to Act and Make Changes

There is an urgent public health issue due to the high number of Black women being murdered in New Jersey. In order to address this issue, various actions can be taken, including

  • Increasing the number of times gun rules are enforced and closing the gaps that let illegal guns into the state.
  • Putting in place a wide range of police reform and transparency measures, like making body cameras mandatory, banning chokeholds, and setting up independent review boards.
  • Putting more money and resources into programs that stop and help victims of domestic abuse, like shelters, hotlines, counseling, and legal help.
  • To help Black women gain power and take the lead in all areas of society, including politics, education, business, and the media.
  • Getting more people to know about the causes and effects of abuse against Black women and fighting the stereotypes and stigmas that make them seem less important and human.

All people in New Jersey may live in a more equitable and better state with these actions, but Black women in particular deserve to live fearlessly.

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