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New Jersey Travelers Beware: Orkin Reveals 7 Cities Crawling With Bed Bugs

Check your bags and hotel room for unwanted visitors if you intend to travel to or from New Jersey. Orkin, a pest management firm, recently released a report that lists seven communities in New Jersey among the top 50 worst areas in the US for bed bug infestations.

What are Bed Bugs, and Why are They Problematic?

Small, reddish-brown insects, bed bugs are mostly active at night and hide in cracks and crevices during the day. They feed on human blood. They can infect homes, hotels, and sleeping quarters by hitchhiking on clothes, luggage, furniture, and other items.

Bed bug infestations can cause tension, anxiety, and insomnia in certain people, as well as allergic reactions, swelling, and itching in those bitten by the bugs. Even while bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, getting rid of them can be difficult because they can go for months without food and grow immune to insecticides.

Which New Jersey Cities Have The Highest Bed Bug Rates?

Based on the quantity of treatments the firm completed in each metro area between December 1, 2022, and November 30, 2023, Orkin has ranked which cities received the most bed bug calls in 2023. Along with their ranking and how they changed from the previous year, the following seven New Jersey cities were included on the list:

  • Trenton (#14, +1)
  • Newark (#18, -1)
  • Atlantic City (#23, +2)
  • Camden (#28, -2)
  • Elizabeth (#33, -1)
  • Jersey City (#37, +3)
  • Paterson (#42, -4)

How to prevent and manage bed bug infestations?

The best defense against bed bug infestations is complete avoidance of contact. When traveling, make sure your hotel room is free of bed bug evidence, such as dead or live bugs, bloodstains, or feces on the furniture, sheets, or mattress. Store your luggage in a zipped plastic bag and keep it away from the bed. When you go back home, vacuum your bags and do a high-heat laundry for your clothes.

Get in touch with a reputable pest control business right away if you think your home may be infested with bed bugs. Refrain from taking on the infestation on your own since this could propagate the bugs or make the issue worse. Follow the advice of the pest control professional and get your house ready for treatment. Any infected objects that cannot be disinfected should be disposed of by sealing them in plastic bags.


In many US communities, including New Jersey, bed bugs are a severe and growing problem that affects the health and mental well-being of people who are impacted. Be cautious when traveling to protect yourself and your family from these pests, and get professional help if you find bed bugs in your house.


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