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North Carolina Destination Name The ‘Most Unusual Town’ In The State

North Carolina is home to many interesting and varied places, from breathtaking mountains to picturesque coastal regions. Rose Hill sticks out due to its distinct beauty among the other villages and cities that litter the terrain.

What sets Rose Hill apart?

Rose Hill is a small, charming village in southeast North Carolina that is home to about 1,600 people. It stands out due to its peculiar claim to fame—owning the biggest frying pan in the world.

You did indeed read it right. There’s a gigantic metal frying pan in Rose Hill that’s fifteen feet across, eight inches deep, and two tons in weight. This enormous cooking device holds up to 365 chickens at a time and needs 200 liters of oil to fill.

Built in 1963 by the Rose Hill Chamber of Commerce, the frying pan is a tourist attraction and a marketing tool for the town’s poultry business. was used for the yearly North Carolina Poultry Jubilee, an event honoring the state’s chicken production that included fried chicken, fairground attractions, and live music.

The Guinness Book of World Records has acknowledged it as the largest frying pan ever made, and both visitors and the media have expressed interest in it. The frying pan has also been used for humanitarian endeavors, such as preparing Thanksgiving turkeys and feeding the destitute.

Where to witness the frying pan?

The frying pan is located at 312 West Church Street, Rose Hill Town Hall. The frying pan is set on a concrete pedestal with a plaque next to it that describes its size and history. It is accessible to the general public, who are invited to snap photos and be amazed by its remarkable size and construction.

The frying pan is more than just a static monument; it’s occasionally fired up for special events. To give guests a chance to sample the largest fried dish in the world, the town hosts events where chicken or other meals are cooked in frying pans.

Reasons to explore Rose Hill

Rose Hill is more than simply a hamlet with an enormous frying pan; it’s a hospitable and enchanting neighborhood with a vibrant past and present. Rose Hill was first established in 1891 as a railroad town and later developed into a center of industry and agriculture. The town was named for the wild roses that grow in the area.

Visitors to Rose Hill can enjoy various attractions and activities, including:

  • The Rose Hill Museum, showcasing the town s heritage with artifacts, a model train, a vintage fire truck, and a replica of the frying pan.
    The Duplin Winery, the South s largest and oldest winery, producing award-winning wines from local muscadine grapes.
    The Country Squire Restaurant and Inn, a historic and elegant establishment offering delicious food and cozy accommodations.
    The Rose Hill Nature Trail, a scenic path winding through woods and fields, ideal for hiking, biking, and wildlife viewing.

Whether you’re looking for a laid-back and romantic retreat or a unique and entertaining excursion, Rose Hill can accommodate a wide range of tastes. Rose Hill is the most peculiar town in North Carolina; it’s a town that embraces its individuality and wants you to share in its unique beauty.


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