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NY Governor Calls for Investigation into DA Sandra Doorley’s Traffic Stop Incident

In response to a traffic stop incident, District Attorney Sandra Doorley is the subject of a state investigation that was started by New York Governor Kathy Hochul. Hochul claims that on April 22, Doorley tried to take advantage of her official position in order to escape responsibility.

Doorley, the district attorney for Monroe County, was attempted to be pulled over by an officer, but she declined and drove home. After he caught up with Doorley, the officer’s camera videotaped their talk in her garage.

Doorley admits to speeding in the video, but she argues that she didn’t stop on the road she was using. The officer voices his worry and adds that it’s not her decision.

Doorley also says that since she will be the one pursuing the matter, she will take care of everything on her own. She expresses her regret for the incident to the officer toward the end of the video.

The nine members of the Rochester City Council have written a letter to State Attorney General Letitia James in reaction to the scandal, requesting that she look into the matter more thoroughly.

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