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Ohio Rail Development Commission Awards Grants to Three Railroads

The Ohio Rail Development Commission has awarded grants totaling more than $1.65 million to fund infrastructure improvements for the East Ohio Valley Railway, Camp Chase Railway, and Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway.

Each receiving railroad will match the amount of these awards, which were also announced together with a previously revealed $1.23 million grant for R.J. Corman’s Western Ohio Lines, in equal measure.

Seventy-five thousand dollars will be given to the Wheeling & Lake Erie Railway to build a new siding on its River Subdivision in Rayland, Ohio. This new construction will accommodate 81 automobiles close to the Benwood, West Virginia, CSX intersection. This will free up space at the Mingo Junction yard and help fulfill the growing demand for rail services in Steubenville, Ohio.

The rail commission’s executive director, Matthew Dietrich, emphasized the importance of these improvements in enhancing rail service and cutting costs associated with logistics for nearby companies. He thought that additional businesses will choose to locate in the area as a result of these developments.

A significant contribution of $255,000 has been given to the East Ohio Valley Railway to repair and maintain four private grade crossings. This railroad, which is close to Hannibal, Ohio, is growing by renting eighteen miles of Norfolk Southern track.

The railway offers easy transportation choices for local industries, catering to the Hannibal Industrial Park and Long Ridge Energy Prospect. Jonathan G. Carnes, CEO of Transtar, expressed gratitude for the commission’s support in enhancing efficiency and safety on the railway.

A $654,410.65 grant has been given to the Camp Chase Railway to upgrade three grade crossings and improve its line from Galloway to Lilly Chapel.

Restoring the track to FRA Class 1 standards is the main goal of the rehabilitation project, which will increase rail operations’ efficiency and safety.

The parent firm of Camp Chase, the Pinsly Railroad Co., Vice President of Engineering Todd Marklin, praised the commission’s commitment to improving the state’s short line railroad infrastructure. He emphasized how crucial it is for fostering connectedness and economic growth.

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