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Ohio Woman, 74, Allegedly Robs Bank After Falling Victim to Online Scam

Unexpectedly, Ann Mayers, 74, of Ohio, was the focus of a bank robbery inquiry when she claimed to have been defrauded of her funds via an internet scam.

Mayers admitted, at gunpoint, to robbing the AurGroup Financial Credit Union Bank in an effort to obtain money, according to the Fairfield Township Police Department (FTPD). Her instant admission to the crime was caught on bodycam during her arrest.

Mayers is accused of disposing of her clothing after the crime and is charged with aggravated robbery with a dangerous weapon and tampering with evidence. She took $500 from the robbery, according to the police report.

Mayers’ financial problems were made worse by an online scammer, according to FTPD Sgt. Brandon McCroskey. She was in even more financial trouble because she owed large amounts of money to both her sister and a friend.

She claimed to have told her family members about her plan in advance, but they did not believe her. McCroskey observed that Mayer’s actions showed premeditation because she changed the look of her car to make it harder to identify it.

Mayers is being held at the Butler County Jail while she waits to appear in court. She claims she cannot afford legal assistance in her application for destitute status. The example emphasizes how vulnerable people are to internet scams at any age and the potentially disastrous outcomes.

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