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Pennsylvania Man’s Emotional Support Alligator Missing in Georgia

A man from Pennsylvania is in anguish because Wally, his cherished alligator for emotional support, vanished when he was visiting Georgia.

Alligator Wally, age eight, has been missing for more than a week, and his owner, Joie Henney, is quite worried. Henney disclosed that Wally vanished from his cage during their vacation visitation with friends in Brunswick, Georgia.

Henney described his suffering to FOX 5’s sister station WTXF. He said that Wally had been abandoned in a stranger’s yard until a trapper moved him to a nearby swamp where other alligators lived.

Henney has reportedly been taking care of Wally since 2015, when he was given the task of moving the reptile from a condominium complex by a buddy who rescues alligators in Florida.

Henney, who is Wally’s owner and emotional support system, is keeping onto their shared link while hoping for Wally’s safe return.

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