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People Are Fleeing Philadelphia. Here’s Where They’re Plotting to Move to

The demographics of Philadelphia, known as the city of brotherly love, are noticeably changing. When some people move out, the city also attracts newcomers, creating a complex and ever-changing ecosystem.

Reasons for Departure from Philadelphia

Despite the idea of a mass migration, the majority of Philadelphians are not fleeing the city in haste. Instead, they are moving for a variety of reasons, most notably the possibility of better employment elsewhere. According to a United Van Lines survey, almost 35% of movers left Pennsylvania in search of work, while 28% did so for family reasons and 21% did so for retirement.

Philadelphia s Resilience

The center of Philadelphia’s city is experiencing a strong resurgence despite the outward flow. The city’s head of commerce, Anne Nadol, praised large companies like Comcast for pushing their staff members to go back to work, even only part-time. The revitalization of Center City has been aided by this program. Downtown pedestrian volume is slowly returning to pre-pandemic levels, partly because more people live nearby and partly because of commuters.

Destination Cities

According to moveBuddha data, the major cities luring former Philadelphia residents include Chicago, New York, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Portland, Los Angeles, and Austin. Remarkably, Philadelphia is also seeing an increase in population, mainly from New York and Washington, DC.


The story of the folks who hurried out of Philadelphia is not as simple as it first appears. Some people move away from the city, but others are lured in by its unique combination of big-city conveniences and small-town charm. Philadelphia continues to be a vibrant, dynamic city with a wide range of opportunities and difficulties as it adjusts to these changes.


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