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Pro-Palestine Encampment Continues at University of Wisconsin-Madison

On Friday night, the sixth day of demonstrations, the pro-Palestine protest and camping, led by the Young Democratic Socialists of America and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), continued.

On Wednesday, authorities removed the majority of the tents from Library Mall; nevertheless, as of Saturday morning, 48 tents were still there. According to UWPD, 34 protestors were detained by police on Wednesday, and four of them were sent to the Dane County Jail.

After a demonstration on Monday, during which demonstrators called for UW-Madison to divest from businesses connected to Israel, the campground was established. The dismantling of the campsite was approved by Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin on Wednesday, citing the Wisconsin Administrative Code’s ban on camping on university property.

Organizers and college administration are still in negotiations, and as of right now, no agreement has been reached. The disclosure of UW Foundation investments has been demanded by protestors.

On Friday night, there were a number of activities, including talks and movie screenings. The documentaries that were presented provided insight into subjects including the Algerian War of Independence and mountaineering in Palestine.

At a Kids for Palestine event, kids took part in storytime sessions and arts and crafts projects that explored Palestinian identity and culture.

In addition, counter-protesters have voiced their support for Jewish representation in administration talks. Despite having different points of view, neither group has broken the peace during the protests.

On Saturday, the organizers have scheduled a number of events, such as teach-ins, general meetings, and a guest speaker session. A Dabke dance and a Kids for Palestine event are also planned, highlighting cultural expression and unity within the pro-Palestinian movement.

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