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Protective Order Lifted After Train Derailment in Wyoming

Following a train catastrophe in Wyoming on Saturday night, the authorities have revoked the protection order. Three train cars from a CSX train that had derailed close to Wyoming Avenue at around 8 p.m. were engaged in the incident.

A protective order and a shelter-in-place order were initially put into effect for a 500-foot radius surrounding the derailment site as a preventative measure. On Saturday night, though, these orders were revoked after it was determined that the derailed cars had not released any hazardous contents.

After the protection order was lifted, cleanup operations got underway, and cranes were sent in to help. Following their announcement, Hamilton County Emergency Management declared the area safe for regular operations.

Information regarding the contents of the derailed cars was provided by CSX, which is in charge of the accident investigation. Three cars were there; one held plastic pellets, one was empty, and the third, referred to as a loaded tank car, had liquid inside that did not appear to be leaking. The precise composition of the liquid cargo was not disclosed by CSX.

Thankfully, there were no injuries to the train crew that were recorded. Josh Blum, assistant chief of the Lockland Fire Department, expressed thanks that no one was hurt in the course of the incident.

By early Sunday afternoon, CSX planned to clear the rails and finish site cleanup, according to Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

In addition to ensuring the safety of locals and the environment, the lifting of the protective order signifies progress in managing the fallout from the train catastrophe.

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