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This Hotel Has Been Ranked First Among the Best Hotels in Ohio

Ohio’s historic hotels have a distinct charm and character that contemporary hotels simply cannot match, making them feel like stepping into a time machine. Every hotel, from elegant retreats to opulent palaces, has a unique history and narrative to tell.

Let’s begin our tour with giving a nod to the newest hotels in Cleveland’s historic hotel district, the Drury Plaza Downtown Cleveland and the Kimpton Schofield Hotel. Let’s take a tour of some of Ohio’s most treasured historic beauties first, though, before we plunge into these contemporary marvels.

Leading the way is Lebanon’s Golden Lamb, a veritable stalwart that has been greeting visitors with open arms since 1803. Conversely, Punderson Manor, a lovely lodge tucked away in Geauga County, finished its quaint façade in 1948.

These hotels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, each with a distinct style. However, their rich history unites them all and adds an added dimension of intrigue to each visit.

One notable example is the DoubleTree by Hilton Tudor Arms Hotel Cleveland, which is built in a magnificent Gothic Revival edifice that has undergone numerous renovations since its 1933 opening. It’s a real jewel in the city’s crown with its opulent ballrooms and ideal position on the Cleveland Clinic complex.

Then there’s the 1918-built Renaissance Cleveland Hotel, a cherished landmark in the center of downtown that exudes elegance. Its steadfast presence on Public Square in the face of changing times is evidence of Cleveland’s lasting character.

Nestled within the historic Victorian-era Arcade that once caught the imagination of the city, the Hyatt Regency at the Arcade offers a glimpse into Cleveland’s past. It’s a trip down memory lane, from its little accommodations to its famed arcade vistas.

Not to be overlooked are the newest additions to the neighborhood, the Drury Plaza Downtown Cleveland Hotel and the Kimpton Schofield Hotel. The Kimpton Schofield, located in a tastefully renovated office building, combines contemporary elegance with classic charm.

In the meanwhile, the carefully restored former Cleveland Board of Education Building, home of the Drury Plaza, provides a window into the city’s history while maintaining its historic elegance.

Ohio’s historic hotels offer an experience unlike any other, whether you’re looking for a posh hideaway or a cosy escape. Thus, why not travel through time and discover the legends buried beneath these architectural gems? After all, there’s a story waiting to be told around every corner.

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