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This Restaurant Has Been Named the Best Traditional Restaurant in Washington

The food scene in the center of American politics is as vibrant as the city itself. Over the years, Washington, D.C.’s restaurant sector has transformed from conventional to cutting edge, drawing in both locals and visitors.

With beloved neighborhood restaurants to eateries run by celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Wolfgang Puck, the nation’s capital has plenty of dining alternatives to satisfy any palate.

Even if power lunch places and steakhouses are still popular, Washington, D.C. also offers a variety of dining options, such as food halls, tasting menus, and international cuisines.

The city offers options for every taste, whether you’re dining on a tight budget or looking to discover restaurants that fit your budget. However, customers need to be mindful of recently introduced new service charges that complicate the eating experience.

Beyond well-known sites like the National Mall and the Smithsonian museums, it’s imperative to discover the varied food scene in the city. From Mediterranean cuisine to Korean bars, these are the best places to eat in the country’s capital to improve your eating experience:

1. Anju:

This bi-level restaurant features an elegant dining area above and a welcoming pub area downstairs. Classic Korean fare is served with creative dishes made by executive chef Angel Barreto.

2. Del Mar:

Tucked away in The Wharf, Del Mar captivates customers with its lively Mediterranean ambience and delectable seafood selections, which include decadent chocolate-hazelnut churros and succulent paellas.

3. Albi:

With visually appealing dishes like homegrown tomato fattoush and delectable labne soft serve, chef/owner Michael Rafidi’s jewel in Navy Yard embraces Palestinian tastes and promises a sincere eating experience.

4. Le Diplomate:

Enter this French brasserie and let yourself be carried back to Paris, where you can enjoy classic bistro fare in a quaint environment that will take you back to that city.

5. Tonari:

A pioneer of Wafu Italian, Tonari combines Italian and Japanese flavors to create creative pizzas that delight customers with unusual toppings.

6. The Dabney:

Showcasing Chef Jeremiah Langhorne’s culinary prowess, The Dabney, located in Blagden Alley, offers a distinctive dining experience by showcasing seasonal delicacies cooked over live fire.

7. Dauphine s:

Discover the tastes of New Orleans at Dauphine’s, where traditional Southern dishes like roast beef po boys and duck jambalaya are presented in a lively setting that captures the essence of the Big Easy.

Washington, D.C. continues to enthrall food fans with its varied eating scene and innovative cuisine, providing a memorable dining experience for every visitor.

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