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VP Harris Reveals Landmark Steps to Revamp Long-Term Care & Strengthen Care Economy

Vice President Harris made two historic announcements today regarding the final guidelines that will improve the quality of caregiver employment while maintaining safety requirements in the healthcare industry and expanding access to long-term care.

With these initiatives, the Biden-Harris administration is taking yet another step toward improving safety, helping caregivers at home and in the workforce, and expanding access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare.

Respecting the Dignity of Every Individual

Ensuring that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare is fundamental to upholding dignity and respect. Vice President Harris submitted two historic final rules in accordance with this approach, supporting President Biden’s resolve to improve long-term care access, safety in care, and the caliber of caregiver employment.

These actions demonstrate the Administration’s commitment to developing a care system that meets the requirements of all citizens, including those who are disabled or elderly.

Cracking Down on Inadequate Nursing Home Care

Millions of Americans rely on nursing homes as essential havens, yet persistent understaffing jeopardizes the standard and security of care given.

The Nursing Home Minimum Staffing Rule requires federally-funded nursing homes to maintain a minimum staffing level of 3.48 hours per resident every day in order to address this urgent problem. In order to provide residents with complete support, this includes setting aside specific hours for registered nurses and nurse assistants.

In order to strengthen safety precautions and improve the standard of care, the regulation also requires a registered nurse to be on the premises at all times. This regulation seeks to protect residents’ well-being and advance positive care outcomes by placing a high priority on having enough staff.

Improving Access to Home Care and Enhancing Caregiving Jobs

Seniors and people with disabilities who require long-term care can benefit greatly from home and community-based services. But low pay and unequal access present serious problems for both carers and those receiving care.

By assigning at least 80% of Medicaid payments for home care services to workers’ earnings, the Ensuring Access to Medicaid Services final rule aims to alleviate these inequities.

This policy seeks to increase caregiver pay, lower attrition rates, and improve the caliber of care given. The law also promotes stakeholder participation in rate-setting and emphasizes transparency in payment rates, which helps to ensure fair compensation and accountability in the home care industry.

A Strong Commitment to Care

The measures made today demonstrate the Biden-Harris administration’s steadfast dedication to completely changing the healthcare industry. The Administration has implemented a number of significant initiatives to assist caregivers, improve care access, and elevate jobs related to providing care, in addition to these ground-breaking regulations.

These initiatives highlight a comprehensive strategy for care reform that puts the health of caregivers and those receiving care first. The Administration continues to be unwavering in its commitment to creating a care system that upholds equity, compassion, and dignity for everyone, even as the country navigates changing care requirements.

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