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Woman Taken to Hospital During Anti-Israel Protests at Columbia University

About 200 anti-Israel protestors continued their demonstrations on Saturday when tensions at Columbia University erupted; as a result, emergency personnel had to remove a lady on a stretcher. Following the arrest of more than 100 students during an NYPD raid on the campus tent encampment, protests continued during the event.

According to reports, a student in need of medical attention called Columbia University EMS from the campus grass field, and the ambulance arrived shortly after. Photos of the student show demonstrators hiding her from view with black tarps and umbrellas, so it’s unclear how she’s doing.

The protests continued with force, with Palestinian flags flying in the air, banners, and slogans, despite recent arrests. The NYPD made at least three more arrests during the frenzy, claiming disorderly behavior and a sound reproduction equipment violation.

In between the exhortations “Up, up with liberation.” The university’s connections with Israel had to terminate, and demands for justice had to be made. Down, down with occupation. Demonstrators demanded an end to alleged intimidation and censorship of students who support Palestinian liberation, as well as divestment from Israeli universities.

With police wearing riot gear keeping an eye on the demonstrations, the mood was tense. A small group of pro-Israel protestors kept their ground across the street; one of them apparently had fake blood on him after he got into an altercation with pro-Palestinian marchers.

Conflictual incidents emerged. Avi Lichtschein described how demonstrators encircled him and yelled, “We don’t want no Zionists here!” Lichtschein said that he felt singled out but was shocked by the intensity of the hate shown, highlighting his pride in being a Zionist.

The continuous demonstrations at Columbia University highlight the complexity of university activism as well as the enduring divides around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Calls for communication and understanding are essential to addressing root causes and promoting a peaceful conclusion as long as tensions remain.

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