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5 Mississippi Cannabis Laws You Definitely Need to Know!

Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, which legalized medical marijuana in 2022, marked a significant advancement in the state’s healthcare system.

Although people with acknowledged medical issues made progress in this regard, the state continues to take a cautious approach to recreational usage.

This article explores Mississippi’s cannabis laws, emphasizing the subtleties of recreational limitations, possession fines, purchasing caps, and consumption limitations in addition to medical legalization.

1. Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Mississippi approved the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act in 2022, making medical marijuana legal there (SB 2095). Signed in February of that year, the law allows people with approved medical cards and recognized medical problems to acquire up to 3 ounces each month.

2. Recreational Marijuana Status

Marijuana for recreational use is still prohibited in Mississippi. Nonetheless, first-time possession charges involving 30 grams or less are no longer considered crimes by the state. Although possession and usage are still illegal, there is no jail time associated with a conviction for this misdemeanor.

3. Possession Penalties

Mississippi has different penalties for possessing marijuana depending on how much is found and how many times it has been used. For instance, the first crime of carrying 30 grams or less has a punishment of $250; the second violation carries a fine and a possible jail sentence of five to sixty days. One to three years in prison and a fine of up to $1,000 are the penalties for possessing more than thirty grams.

4. Limits on Medical Marijuana Purchases

The Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act permits cardholders to purchase a maximum of six MMCEUs (Mississippi Medical Cannabis Equivalency Units) per week from dispensaries, or a mix of them. A cardholder is limited to 24 MMCEUs from dispensaries or a combination of them in a thirty-day period.

5. Consumption Restrictions

It is forbidden to use medicinal cannabis in cars or public areas. Mississippi’s medical marijuana rules forbid using medical marijuana while intoxicated or while operating a motor vehicle, airplane, train, or watercraft.

These are the main things to keep in mind when it comes to Mississippi’s cannabis legislation. Always be knowledgeable and follow the laws of your state.


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