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The Best County to Raise a Family in Texas Has Been Revealed

The second-largest state in the union, Texas, is well known for its varied topography, extensive history, and hospitable people. However, some counties are better than others when it comes to being the best place to raise a family. Based on Niche’s 2023 rankings, Collin County is the best place to raise a family.

Collin County: Exceptional for Families

Collin County leads with a remarkable overall Niche grade of A+. It is praised for having excellent public schools and a welcoming atmosphere for families. With more than a million residents, the county provides a varied environment with a multitude of cultural experiences and a variety of political viewpoints. The lively environment is enhanced by the numerous events that corporations and schools host, which makes it a great spot for families.

Other Strong Contenders

Following suit, Fort Bend County and Rockwall County both receive an overall Niche grade of A+. With a population of over 800,000, Fort Bend County is praised for being a kind and open community. On the other hand, locals recommend improving traffic signal systems and construction zones.

The quaint small-town atmosphere of Rockwall County endures in spite of its expanding population. It is said that the people in the community are wonderful and actively help one another.

Another notable competitor is Denton County, which is praised for its affordable prices and laid-back style. Because of its small college town feel, Denton County is frequently compared to a miniature Austin.


When choosing a place to raise a family, there are several things to take into account, including the cost of living, schools, healthcare, recreational opportunities, and climate. Although Collin County is the best place in Texas for families, Rockwall, Denton, and Fort Bend counties are all great places to raise a family. Every county has its own special qualities and advantages, which combined make Texas a fantastic place for families to thrive.


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