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7 Of The Most Dangerous Gangs Taking Over Ohio

Ohio is a historical, cultural, and economic powerhouse. But it also has to deal with a significant issue of crime and violence, which is mostly caused by the existence and operations of gangs. This article will examine some of the most deadly gangs that are proliferating in Ohio and their effects on the local communities in which they operate.

1. MS-13

The multinational gang MS-13, sometimes referred to as Mara Salvatrucha, was founded in Los Angeles in the 1980s and has since expanded throughout the globe, including Ohio. MS-13 is well-known for its savagery, cruelty, and participation in a wide range of crimes, including drug trafficking, human trafficking, rape, murder, and extortion. Members of MS-13 can be easily recognized by their characteristic tattoos, which frequently cover their bodies and faces. MS-13 is well-established in Columbus, where it has engaged in conflicts with law authorities and other gangs.

2. Hells Angels

Founded in 1948 in California, Hells Angels is a motorcycle club that has expanded to become an international organization with branches across numerous nations. Because Hells Angels is involved in illegal operations like drug dealing, arms smuggling, racketeering, and murder, it is regarded as an outlaw motorcycle club. Members of the Hells Angels are recognized for their devotion to the group, their Harley-Davidson vehicles, and their patches featuring the club’s winged skull emblem. Ohio is home to a sizable Hells Angels chapter, which has engaged in violent altercations with rival motorcycle clubs including the Outlaws and the Iron Horsemen.

3. Latin Kings

The street gang known as Latin Kings was founded in Chicago during the 1940s and has since spread to numerous states, including Ohio. With a hierarchy and a code of conduct, Latin Kings is one of the biggest and best organized Hispanic gangs in the United States. Latin Kings is connected to a number of crimes, including drug distribution, violence, robbery, and graffiti. Members of Latin Kings can be identified by their hand signals, five-pointed crown emblems, and black and gold colors. With a large following in Cleveland, Latin Kings has engaged in turf conflicts with rival gangs including the Vice Lords and the Gangster Disciples.

4. Polish-American Organized Crime

The term “Polish-American Organized Crime” refers to the illegal actions of people and organizations with Polish ancestry in the US, particularly in Ohio. The primary activities of Polish-American Organized Crime include money laundering, extortion, loan sharking, and gambling. The Pittsburgh criminal family, a division of the Italian-American Mafia, is linked to Polish-American organized crime. Youngstown, Cleveland, Toledo, and other Ohio cities are home to Polish-American organized crime.

5. 2hunnid

A street gang known as 2hunnid was founded in Dayton, Ohio, around the beginning of the 2010s. A branch of the countrywide Bloods gang, which had its start in Los Angeles during the 1970s, is 2hunnid. The 2hunnid are notorious for their hostility, ferocity, and disregard for authority. 2hunnid is implicated in a number of crimes, including shootings, robberies, burglaries, and car theft. Members of the 2hunnid can be recognized by their red jewelry, bandanas, and clothes. In Montgomery County, 2hunnid has been a big cause of concern, having been implicated in multiple violent crimes and auto thefts.

6. 4way

Another street gang that emerged in Dayton, Ohio, during the early 2010s is called 4way. 4way is a subgroup of the Bloods and a competitor of 2hunnid. 4way has a reputation for being hostile, careless, and disobedient to the law. 4way is connected to a number of crimes, including shootings, robberies, burglaries, and auto theft. Members of 4way can be recognized by their jewelry, bandanas, and red attire. In Montgomery County, 4way has been a big cause of trouble, having been implicated in multiple violent crimes and auto thefts.

7. Somali Outlaws

A street gang known as Somali Outlaws was founded in Columbus, Ohio, in the latter part of the 2000s. The young guys who make up Somali Outlaws are immigrants or refugees from Somalia who arrived to the United States. Somali Outlaws are notorious for their brutality, intimidation, and participation in a wide range of crimes, including drug trafficking, robbery, assault, and robbery. Members of Somali Outlaws can be identified by their tattoos, which frequently have the initials SO or the term “Outlaw,” and by their clothes, which frequently sport the colors of the Somali flag. Somali Outlaws has been implicated in multiple shootings and homicides in Columbus, which has made it a significant cause for concern.


In conclusion, gang presence and activity are a major contributing factor to Ohio’s severe crime and violence problem. Although the gangs’ histories, organizational structures, allegiances, and methods of operation differ, they all endanger the security and welfare of the areas they operate in. A comprehensive and coordinated strategy incorporating law enforcement, community organizations, social services, and education is needed to address the gang issue in Ohio. Together, we can perhaps lessen the impact of gangs and build a more tranquil and prosperous Ohio.

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