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A Small New Mexico Town is Suddenly the 2nd Most Dangerous in State

Located in the center of New Mexico is the town of Gallup, which has earned attention lately for being named the second most dangerous city in the state. With 21,935 residents, Gallup is the most violently crime-free city in the state but has experienced a rise in property crime. Gallup’s reputation has suffered greatly as a result of this change in safety rankings, which now rank the state among the worst places to live.

What is the Current Crime Rate in Gallup

Gallup, New Mexico now has a daily average of 3.7 crimes, 0.9 violent crimes, and 2.79 property crimes, which is 173% higher than the national average. In Gallup, there are 1555 violent crimes for every 100,000 residents, compared to 4800 property crimes for every 100,000 residents. These numbers rank Gallup as one of the most dangerous cities in the United States, highlighting the difficulties the city faces in reducing crime and improving public safety.

What is the Crime Rate Trend in Gallup Over the Past Decade

Over the previous ten years, Gallup’s crime rate trend has fluctuated, with a few noteworthy variations highlighted in the sources provided:

Rates of Violent Crime: Gallup has seen fluctuations in its rates of violent crime during the last ten years. With a violent crime rate of 1555 per 100,000 people, the city still has difficulties in addressing violent offenses, despite a 13.4% year-over-year decline in violent crime.

Property Crime Rates: Gallup’s property crime rate has increased, placing it in the bottom 10% of American communities with recorded crime. With 4800 property crime events reported per 100,000 residents, the city’s risk of becoming a victim of property crime is 1 in 21, greatly exceeding the national average.

Trends in Vehicle Theft: According to Gallup, the nation’s greatest vehicle theft rates are found in this city, where auto theft has been on the rise. With 151 car thefts in just the previous year, or 711 stolen vehicles per 100,000 population, Gallup ranks among the worst 10% of all cities when it comes to vehicle theft rates.

Public Perception: Over time, the general public’s views on crime in Gallup have also changed. Because there is very little violence in the area, 28% of residents said they feel extremely comfortable traveling alone at night. However, 72% of people are concerned about the high levels of crime throughout the city. These differing viewpoints are a reflection of Gallup’s complicated safety and security environment.

In conclusion, Gallup’s crime rate pattern over the last ten years has been marked by variations in the incidence of violent crimes, an increase in property crimes, and difficulties pertaining to car thefts. These patterns highlight the continuous efforts required to combat crime and improve security measures in the city in order to make it a safer place for both locals and tourists.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Reduce Crime in Gallup

As the following sources make clear, Gallup, New Mexico is taking steps to lower crime:

Community Involvement: Attempts are being made to include the community in tackling issues related to crime. Gallup wants its citizens to be actively involved in lowering crime rates. To this end, the company offers neighborhood watch programs, engages locals in crime prevention activities, and cultivates a sense of shared responsibility for safety.

Visibility and Responsiveness of Law Enforcement: Law enforcement organizations are attempting to improve their Gallup visibility and responsiveness. Authorities try to prevent criminal activity and offer a prompt and efficient response to emergencies by making sure that police are more visible in the community and by speeding up reaction times to occurrences.

Crime Prevention Programs: One of the most important tactics for lowering Gallup’s overall crime rates is the implementation of crime prevention programs that specifically target certain categories of crimes, such as drug-related offenses, vandalism, identity theft, and other criminal activities. These initiatives concentrate on intervention, education, and awareness in order to address the root causes of criminal behavior.

Enhanced Security Measures: Gallup is looking into ways to make public areas, parks, schools, and other places where criminal activity is likely to occur more secure. The city hopes to make the area safer for both locals and visitors by putting in place monitoring equipment, boosting illumination in high-risk locations, and enhancing security procedures.

Cooperation with Neighboring communities: Sharing best practices in law enforcement and crime prevention with neighboring communities can also help lower Gallup’s crime statistics. Gallup can gain from cooperative efforts with surrounding communities to enhance safety and security throughout the area.

In order to address crime issues and make Gallup’s citizens’ lives safer, these steps, taken together, represent a multifaceted approach that includes community participation, law enforcement initiatives, crime prevention programs, strengthened security measures, and cooperation with adjacent communities.


Gallup confronts tremendous obstacles in tackling crime rates and guaranteeing the protection of its citizens as it struggles with its recent reputation as one of New Mexico’s most dangerous communities. Although the town’s rich cultural heritage and historical significance continue to be essential to its identity, the urgent problem of safety necessitates quick attention and coordinated efforts to make everyone feel more comfortable. Gallup may contribute to creating a safer and more resilient community for both locals and visitors by remaining educated, adopting the appropriate safety measures, and supporting efforts aimed at combating crime.

Finally, the critical necessity for preventative steps to reduce rising crime rates and guarantee the protection of its residents is highlighted by Gallup’s most recent safety report. Gallup’s future depends on everyone working together to improve safety and security as the town deals with being named the second most dangerous city in New Mexico.

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