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Credit Card Fraud Suspect Arrested in Rochester Jewelry Store Break-In

Authorities have recently detained a suspect in relation to a break-in at a well-known jewelry store in Rochester.

Suspect Details and Charges

The person in issue, named as 27-year-old Garrett Dorsher, is being held at the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center. Law enforcement officials have confirmed that Dorsher is being charged with second-degree burglary and credit card fraud.

Sequence of Events

The Rochester Police Department claims that Dorsher was investigated for trying to use a credit card that had been stolen while she was already under police custody. He was connected to the Lasker Jewelry burglary throughout this inquiry.

The incident at Lasker Jewelry occurred on Sunday before 1:45 am, and the police were notified of the break-in. Around 3 p.m. on the same day, Dorsher was taken into custody at the Verizon store on 20th Street SE. According to police, Dorsher was trying to use a credit card that had been stolen earlier in the day to make a purchase.


Law enforcement’s prompt action resulted in the suspect’s apprehension, which relieved the community and the impacted business. The fact that investigations into the matter are still underway shows how committed the authorities are to maintaining justice and security in the area.

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